Can I Connect Alexa To My Soundbar?

A number of soundbars in the market are compatible with Alexa, and some even have Alexa built-in. With these devices, it is possible to connect with Amazon Alexa on the soundbar itself and with others. It is possible to establish a connection with the help of Echo dot. It is possible to enjoy hands-free music streaming and listening experience with soundbars that have built-in Alexa.

What Is Amazon Alexa And How It Helps In Music Streaming:

The Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based service that operates electronic appliances at home with the help of voice commands. Amazon Alexa connects with the soundbar for surround sound at home either through Echo devices or directly with the soundbars with Alexa built-in.

With the help of such connective compatibility, it will be possible to play and stop music with mere voice commands, switch to the previous and next track and also control the volume of the sound. The things that are required to connect the Alexa app with the soundbar are:

  • A soundbar with built-in Alexa or compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo dot, or Echo Plus devices
  • A smartphone that connects with the play store to perform the initial setup
  • An Amazon account
  • A reliable internet network with Wi-Fi capabilities
Can I Connect Alexa To My Soundbar
Can I Connect Alexa To My Soundbar

Initial Installation And Set Up

Before proceeding to the initial installation and set up, make sure that the soundbar has the latest software installed to use the Alexa function. And you will require an Amazon Alexa-enabled smartphone to complete the function. This pairing may not be possible in places where the Amazon Alexa-enabled devices are not available. Below are the step-by-step instructions on performing the initial setup.

  • Make sure that the firmware on the soundbar is updated to its latest version
  • Install the music center app on the smartphone
  • Establish a connection between the smartphone and the soundbar to the same wireless network
  • Run the music center app and complete the setup by following the instructions on the music center app screen

The following are the voice commands that you can use with Amazon Alexa to play music on the soundbar.

  • Alexa play music on the soundbar
  • Alexa play some Jazz music on the soundbar
  • Alexa stop the music on the soundbar
  • Turn up the volume on the soundbar
  • Alexa pause the music on the soundbar
  • Play next on the soundbar
  • Turn down the volume on the soundbar etc.

Step By Step Instructions On Connecting The Alexa With The Soundbar

Follow these step-by-step instructions to pair the Alexa app with the soundbar with the help of an echo device.

  • Put the soundbar in the pairing mode and open the Alexa app
  • Select devices and choose echo and Alexa
  • Select your soundbar
  • Pair the device

After the pairing is successful, the soundbar will show in the list of the devices in the Alexa app, and the voice assistant will also announce the successful pairing. Now you can ask Alea to play the soundbar and perform other tasks such as getting music streamed through the device.

You can also easily disconnect the device by tapping the same soundbar on the Alexa app and tapping disconnect or simply say the voice command as “Alexa disconnect”. The voice assistant replies that the soundbar is disconnected.

You can also remove the soundbar completely by tapping the name of the soundbar in the Alexa app and selecting ‘forget device’. To establish the connection again, you have to go through the entire pairing process again.

Connecting The Soundbar To The Echo Dot

Echo dots are also popular Amazon Alexa-enabled devices that can connect with the soundbar for a richer and high-quality sound experience. If the soundbar doesn’t has a built-in Alexa app, then it is required to connect the soundbar with the Echo dot and proceed with the music playing experience with voice commands.

In order to connect the echo dot with the soundbar, you can either pair the devices through Bluetooth or also connect them with the help of the 3.5mm AUX cable. Both these connections are simple and easy and help in enjoying hands-free music, audiobooks, and even alarms through the soundbar.

What soundbars work with Alexa?

  1. Bose 767520-1100 SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, works with Alexa
  2. Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in

Related Questions

What should I do if the  Soundbar is not responding to my voice commands after pairing?

Make sure that the microphone setting is set ‘on’ at the Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Change the device name that is set on the soundbar to a different device name. Register the soundbar with this name to enable voice operations. Also, check the language setting on the app and see if the displayed language is different from the one that has been set. Change the language and the voice command language at the Alexa devices.

Why is my Alexa-enabled device not detecting the soundbar after the initial setup?

Check of the app displays the name of your soundbar on your mobile phone, and if it is not registered with the same, it won’t work. Also, check the amazon account before performing the initial setup. And if the account is different, perform the initial setup again and register with the same Amazon account.

How do I connect to the multi-room music with the help of the Alexa function?

To get the multi-room music with the help of the Alexa function, launch the Alexa app on your smartphone and create a multi-room music speaker group from the Amazon Alexa device settings. Register the soundbar, and you will be able to connect with the multi-room music function.


It is possible to connect the Amazon Alexa app with the soundbar directly if the soundbars are equipped with Alexa and are compatible with the app. And if the soundbar doesn’t have the built-in Alexa functionality, then it is better to pair it with Amazon’s Echo dot devices and get the voice assistant to work.


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