Does Sonos Soundbar have Bluetooth?

Sonos speakers are known for their impressive bass, crystal clear vocals, and gripping cinematic surround and treble. While also known for their diversity and wireless connectivity, do they connect via Bluetooth, particularly their soundbar?

Given the popularity of Bluetooth for connecting audio devices, one can easily assume that all Sonos speakers work with Bluetooth. However, most of their speakers including their soundbar connect via Wi-Fi, and Sonos has good reasons for choosing Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.

Sonos Soundbar Wi-Fi Connectivity

Sonos is popular for its wide variety of speakers, but the company has only one full-fledged soundbar which is the Sonos Playbar. They do have another product that works like a soundbar, which is the Sonos Playbase. Both the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Playbase work over Wi-Fi, but do not support Bluetooth.

The Sonos Playbar is a high-bandwidth device, and transferring high-quality sound data using Bluetooth can pose numerous issues such as latency. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, allows for faster and greater bandwidth, ensuring optimum performance with your soundbar.

Sonos Playbar
Sonos Playbar

Sonos has several other speakers that communicate via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. Going through their current lineup of speakers, only two out of ten models, particularly, the Sonos Move and Sonos Sub, work with Bluetooth. We can tell Sonos’ preference for Wi-Fi connectivity over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth works only over short distances between devices, with a range from 5 to 30 meters. Proximity is a big factor and it is best for low-bandwidth applications such as when transferring audio from your mobile device to a nearby Bluetooth speaker. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is capable of working over much greater distances and is best suited for full-scale networks such as when connecting your soundbar to another device. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for better wireless security as well.

Sonos Controller App and SonosNet

Sonos clearly had their users in mind when they designed their products. They have come a long way in terms of developing systems that ride on Wi-Fi networks and are designed to help users have an easy and hassle-free experience when using their devices. One such system is an app for controlling all your Sonos devices in one place.

If you have several of their audio products, you could simply install the Sonos Controller app which is available for both Android and OS users, and save all your voice, streaming and control services. This in turns allows you to seamlessly browse movies, music, podcasts, and audiobooks using a device where the app is installed.

Apart from the controller app, Sonos also has a proprietary network called SonosNet which works like an extension of your Wi-Fi system. SonosNet gives you a secure network for connecting all your Sonos speakers and soundbar. With this set-up, you could play different content from different locations in your home, or sync all your Sonos speakers to play just one content.

Pre Set-up Requirements for the Soundbar

With the Sonos soundbar, you can connect it not only to your TV but also to other devices such as your smartphone, computer or tablet using the same Wi-Fi network you have, and it only takes a few minutes to set them all up.

We know that many people don’t like the “setting up” part, but fortunately, with the Sonos soundbar, the process just takes a few minutes of your time and it doesn’t involve complicated steps. But don’t get too excited yet. If you just got your Sonos soundbar and you have not decided yet on where to place it, now is the best time to determine that spot. Choose a location that is close to a power source.

It’s important to note though that if you will use the soundbar with your TV, you still need to connect them using an audio cable. If you already got the perfect spot, plug the soundbar to your power source. Connect the included optical audio cable from the digital audio out (optical) port of your TV to the soundbar’s audio input. You need to get this connection right, or you won’t be getting any sound into your soundbar from the TV.

After connecting the soundbar to your TV, it’s time to download the Sonos app, which is crucial for playing audio from the TV on your soundbar. You’ll have maximum control over the soundbar using the app. The Sonos app is available for devices running either iOS and Android so you should have no problem installing it on your phone. After the installation, just follow the instructions which will prompt you to complete the setup process.

Setting a new Sonos system with your soundbar

Now that you have done all the pre-setup steps, setting up the app should be straightforward from here. Simply open the Sonos app, then tap Set up a new system. From there, you’ll need to sign in to your Sonos account. If you don’t already have a Sonos account, choose Create Account from the options, then follow the prompts to create an account. Once you have logged in to your account, click Add on the pop-up window showing your Sonos device. You will then be redirected to a series of steps for setting up your soundbar and for adding your music services.

Alternatively, if you already have an existing Sonos system, it will be a lot easier to add the soundbar. Just open the Sonos app, then on the Settings tab, click Add Product and follow the prompts.

Related Questions

Will it be a major issue if I can’t connect my Sonos soundbar using Bluetooth?

For many people, it is not an issue at all. Being able to connect the soundbar using Wi-Fi is enough to give you flexibility when it comes to using this device with your TV, computer or other mobile devices.

Can I connect my phone or tablet to Sonos soundbar?

Yes. If your device runs on the Android platform, it will automatically connect to the Sonos soundbar or other speakers as long as they are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. However, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you need to manually add the device to the Sonos network. To do this, press the Home button or swipe up for the Home screen of your iPad or iPhone, then go to the Wi-Fi settings. From the list of available networks, find the name of the Sonos device, then tap on it. Go back to the Sonos Controller app and start using the soundbar with your phone or tablet.


The Sonos soundbar is a great way to improve your audio experience when watching a movie or enjoying your music playlist on some of your devices. With the Sonos Playbar soundbar, the experience is even better because of the hassle-free connection via Wi-Fi.

With your Wi-Fi, you can use the Sonos soundbar with almost any device in your house, including your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. Enjoy flawless and high-fidelity sound anywhere in your home.


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