How to connect Samsung soundbar to TV using aux (3.5mm) cable

We’ve heard a lot about how a Samsung soundbar can greatly boost the quality of sound coming out of your TV. And the best thing about this audio device is that it offers a wide range of options when it comes to connecting it to your TV. One way to do it is through the AUX port.

While Samsung recommends using HDMI and optical cable as the primary and secondary options for connecting a Samsung soundbar to a TV, there are also some advantages to using the AUX connection. If for one reason or another you are choosing AUX to connect your Samsung soundbar to a TV, we’ll tell you more about how to do it.

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Steps to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV using AUX (3.5mm) cable

If you’ve tried connecting your phone to a car speaker using an audio jack to enjoy good music while traveling, you would know how fast and easy the setup process is. The same is true when you want to connect your Samsung soundbar to a TV.

You can simply follow these steps:

1. Have your AUX cable or 3.5mm cable handy. You can then start by plugging your Samsung soundbar and TV into a power source, then turn them on.

2. At the bottom of your Samsung soundbar, find the AUX IN port then connect one end of the AUX cable to it. Typically, you can find the AUX IN port at the middle of the USB and the Digital Audio In (Optical). Make sure that the jack is properly plugged into the port.

Finding the AUX IN port

3. Once you have securely connected one end of the AUX cable to the soundbar, plug the other end into the AUDIO OUT jack on your TV. If you cannot find it, you may consider consulting your owner’s manual to check if your model has this port.

4. Now it’s time to change the mode on your soundbar. You can do this by pressing the Source button on the soundbar or its remote, and then set it to AUX mode.

It’s time to test if you have successfully done it!

Simply play any music or video on your TV and the sound should play on your soundbar.

If you want some visuals in setting up, we found this video really useful:

What is AUX?

AUX, also known as auxiliary input or an auxiliary jack (headphone jack), is a point of connection that’s commonly used in audio devices such as MP3 players, microphones, speakers, headphones, and soundbars. You can connect two devices using an AUX cable in an asynchronous way. This means that it transmits or receives data one bit at a time.

As many devices have AUX ports, you should have no issue connecting your soundbar to a wide range of devices, including your TV. All you need to have is an AUX cable. And this is one of the advantages of using AUX.

Another good thing about AUX is that it has a simple and easy playback with minimal compatibility problems that may plague digital connections. And if you don’t want to do all those complicated procedures in connecting your soundbar to a TV, AUX is definitely a good choice. You can easily and quickly set it up in less than 5 minutes.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using the AUX input. One, these cords are typically flimsier compared to other types of cords. They also wear faster because of the small surface area on the metal jacks.

An AUX cable is a common option among old-school soundbar owners. The quality of sound is definitely better than when you are listening directly to your TV audio. However, it’s important to remember that with AUX cable, it offers an analog connection so the quality of sound might not be as clean as when you use optical cable or HDMI.

Related Questions

I followed the correct steps but I’m not getting any sound on my soundbar. What should I do?

So even if you followed the steps correctly, you may still encounter some issues and in most cases, it has to do with a damaged cable. Check if your cable has signs of damage as this is one of the most common reasons for this issue. If there’s none, check as well if both ends are properly connected.

Do all TVS have an AUX port?

Most TV models, even the considerably older ones, have an AUX port, so you are in luck. But if you cannot find this port on your device, the best way to find out is to check your manual.

Aside from AUX, what are my other options in connecting the Samsung soundbar to the TV?

Yes, the best thing about the Samsung soundbar is that you have several options for connecting it to your TV. You can also connect using an HDMI cable, optical cable, and Bluetooth.

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You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to connect a Samsung soundbar to a TV using AUX (3.5mm) cable. The steps are straightforward and do not require installing an app or using any tool, which is a good thing for many. But your AUX cable needs to be the right cable that supports both your soundbar and your TV.

If you have used an HDMI or optical cable before, you may notice a significant difference in the sound quality. These two produce great digital sound quality while AUX produces analog sound.

Knowing the pros and cons of using AUX, you can now decide for yourself if it’s the best choice or not for your needs.

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