How To Connect Subwoofer To Soundbar

A subwoofer can be easily differentiated with a soundbar in terms of shapes. A subwoofer is shaped like a large cube, whereas a soundbar is shaped like a long rectangular bar. People often look forward to adding a Subwoofer to their existing soundbar. They do so to elevate the sound quality. 

But to answer the question, you cannot connect your subwoofer to your existing soundbar if they both are from different brands. Only the subwoofers and soundbars that are sold together of the same native company connect. 

For instance, you can connect a Yamaha subwoofer to a Yamaha soundbar, Sonos sub to Sonos play bar, and so on. 

Buying Subwoofer And Soundbar 

If you have an existing Soundbar or subwoofer, make sure you buy the same company subwoofer or soundbar to connect them. If you don’t have either of them, you are in the best possible situation. You can just purchase them together. Look for soundbars that are accompanied by subwoofers or external speakers. 

Most companies now sell them together as a combo. People who love to have supreme sound experience while watching shows on TV, connect them together to get better sound enhancement. 

Which Soundbar Has The Best Subwoofer?

Some of the best soundbar that has the best subwoofers include:

Sonos Arc Soundbar + Sonos Sub 

Sonos Arc is a Dolby Atmos soundbar that is sold with Sonos sub, which is a Sonos subwoofer. They are both sold together. 

To further enhance the sound experience and create a 5.1 or 5.1.2 surround-sound atmosphere, it is also sold together with one or more Sonos speakers are Sonos One SL. 

JBL Bar 5.1 Channel Soundbar

JBL is another consideration to make. This product comes with a wireless subwoofer, soundbar, and remote. 

Sony HT-S350

Sony has several surround sound product options. You will find many products and different models of subwoofer paired with a soundbar. Sony HT-S350 is one of them that includes a subwoofer and soundbar. 

Is A Soundbar Better With A Subwoofer?

A soundbar doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied by a subwoofer or external speakers. Some soundbars provide great sound quality when accompanied by a subwoofer, while others may not. 

There is no doubt that adding a subwoofer adds to a whole home theatre feel, provided you have a decent space to create such an atmosphere. Here is what the subwoofer would do when paired with a soundbar:

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Sound Enhancement Needs

A subwoofer acts as a loudspeaker and helps in enhancing the sound of the audio. The low-pitched audio frequencies that the others speakers can’t identify are identified and enhanced better with a subwoofer. 

Soundbar, on the other hand, was just used as a part of TV just like speakers but now has become a great means of producing high-quality sound. 

As the screen size of the TV is increasing, so is the need to experience high-quality sound. Subwoofers play an integral role in meeting such expectations when watching movies, shows, or listening to bass-heavy music. The subwoofers have become a lot more affordable, easy to accommodate, and wireless to adapt to the changing needs. 

Effective When Accompanied With Soundbar

Using a soundbar alone is like not unleashing its full capabilities. Soundbars, as placed in front, are known for producing heavy sound in the front. 

Accompanying them with a rightly placed subwoofer can provide an immersive surround sound experience you won’t be able to get away with. 

Tips Of Placing A Subwoofer With A Soundbar

Where should a soundbar with a subwoofer be placed? The right placement of the subwoofer plays an important role in making the most of the subwoofer and soundbar connection. Here are some of the considerations to make while doing so:

Room Size

The room size is important. Getting a smaller subwoofer with a large living space will undermine the capacity of the subwoofer. In such a case, buying a big size or two subwoofers would be best to get a high thumping bass. 

At the same time, using a big-sized subwoofer and soundbar together in a small room will be quite unmeaningful. The high thumping bass from the subwoofer may overpower the rest of the sound experience as well. 

Cabinet Size

Are you overwhelmed with the appearance of a subwoofer taking away all your nice interior feels? How about getting a sealed cabinet subwoofer. Yes, that’s even a thing. Sealed subwoofers are different from ported subwoofers that are made, keeping in mind the need to get them concealed or hidden inside a cabinet. 

Listening Preferences

Do you like thumping sound really loud, or you love it at a calm and composed level? Either way, to match the surround sound level, you can accompany a soundbar with a subwoofer according to your listening preferences. 

A small subwoofer is enough to improve the bass levels expect you are into watching action movies at the highest volume levels. 

Can You Connect The Wireless Subwoofer To A Soundbar?

The only way to connect a wireless subwoofer to a soundbar is with the help of a receiver, stereo mini mixer, and Bluetooth (if your subwoofer supports it)

To do so, connect the wireless subwoofer to the soundbar using the receiver. Now, connect the stereo mini mixer to the soundbar. To do this, you have to first connect from front left, front right, and then centre channel. 

You can also use an SVS Soundpath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable to connect a subwoofer with a soundbar. For this, your soundbar should accept a cable like this, and then any subwoofer can connect to the soundbar. 


If you are deciding to add to your home theatre feels, using a subwoofer and soundbar is a great idea. 

To not fall into a confusion of which soundbar can connect to which subwoofer, it is advisable to buy them altogether from the same company. There are various combos available. 

Instead of getting your mind mugged into different alternatives, which by all means require some form of investment as well, it is better to buy a good soundbar subwoofer package. 

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