How To Reset Sonos Soundbar (Sonos Playbar, Beam, Arc, Playbase)

Sonos is a well-known brand that has taken the multi-room audio experience to the next level. From a variety of smart speakers, subwoofers, TV sound systems to soundbars, Sonos has covered it all.

A soundbar is an essential part of any home theater system. It also acts as a speaker for your flat TV. In addition, a Sonos soundbar can be a great alternative to your TV speakers for enjoying high bass and superior audio quality experience.

Sonos soundbars are known for their unique features like Sound Enhancement, allowing viewers to hear human voices clearly all and above the background noise. Also, they are compatible with Apple Airplay 2 that allows you to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music when the TV is off wirelessly.

The Sonos soundbars are not only Alexa enabled but can also be voice-controlled with Google Assistant as well. You can choose any of the voice assistants according to your preference.

Connect Soundbar To TV

In the connectivity features, the soundbars are equipped with HDMI ARC and eARC, making it easy to connect your soundbar to a TV without using multiple ports and cables.  Though not Bluetooth supported, Sonos soundbars are smart and can connect to Wi-Fi for wireless streaming.

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Sonos soundbars, without doubt, are best when it comes to sound quality if they fit your budget.

Should you reset Sonos a soundbar?

If you have any of the Sonos Soundbars like

  • Playbar
  • Sonos Beam
  • Playbase
  • Sonos Arc

And recently having issues with the same, rebooting your product has solved most of the problems.

However, Sonos doesn’t recommend its users to factory reset its products as a troubleshooting step. You can reset any of the Sonos soundbar or Sonos products if you discard the product or transfer its ownership to another person. Sonos app can also be recommended factory setting your Sonos soundbar when it can’t find it during the setup process.

Factory resetting a Sonos soundbar would mean deleting your registration information, deleting all the music services from the Sonos app, all the related content saved to the Sonos app. 

Resetting a Sonos product would delete the stored information permanently, which cannot be restored.

Factory Reset Sonos Soundbars

Resetting any of the Sonos soundbars follows the same procedure. Here is how you can reset Sonos play bar, Sonos arc, Playbase, and Sonos Beam:

1. The Sonos soundbar should not be plugged in. Unplug it from the power cord if plugged in.

2. Now, press and hold the Join button/ play and pause button or Mute button and reconnect the power cord at the same time.

How To Reset Sonos Arc soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Arc soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Playbar soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Playbar soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Beam soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Beam soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Playbase soundbar
How To Reset Sonos Playbase soundbar

(Sonos Arc has a play/pause button in the front, Sonos Playbar has a play pause button on its left side, Sonos Beam has a join button at the back, and Sonos Playbase has a play pause button on the top)

3. Wait and continue holding the button until the indicator light on the device doesn’t turn orange/amber and white.

4. Keep holding it till the light turns light green. Once it flashes green, the reset is completed and is the soundbar is now ready for set up again.

It is easy to set your Sonos soundbar again after a reset with the help of the Sonos app. To set it up again, open the Sonos app. Go to Settings tab> System> Add product.

Follow the on-screen instructions to add the soundbar again.

How To Reboot Sonos Soundbars?

It is super easy to reboot Sonos soundbars. All you need to do is unplug it from the power socket, wait for a few seconds and then plug the power cord again. Then, wait for few seconds for the product to boot up until the indicator light on the device is on.

Rebooting or restarting your Sonos soundbar should be your first solution to troubleshooting issues like:

  • Unable to connect the soundbar to Sonos app
  • Unable to connect it to the Wi-Fi
  • Unable to find the product during setup
  • Product missing from the Sonos app

For other troubleshooting issues, you can contact Sonos customer care or go through the Sonos troubleshooting elated articles, or find answers on Sonos community to fix your problem. 

Recycle Sonos Soundbars

Resetting your Sonos soundbars is suggested before you have decided to recycle it. This is done to erase all your sensitive data and information and is not misused later by someone else.

Here are some of the ways to recycle your Sonos soundbars:

1. You can choose to drop your Sonos soundbar at the nearby certified e-recycling facility. Sonos suggests some of the e-recycling facilities near your area.

2. Take it to your local retailer that offers e-recycling services. One such e-recycling service in the U.S. is Best Buy.

3. Lastly, you can choose to send your product to Sonos to be recycled. For this, your Sonos soundbar should be eligible for the Update Program. You can check your product eligibility by logging in to your Sonos account and go to Systems. You can get up to 30% off your new speakers.

If eligible, you can use the prepaid shipping label to send your product back to Sonos.


1. Why is my Sonos soundbar not working?

If your Sonos soundbar is not working, try rebooting the soundbar. Check all the wired connections like HDMI cable, the optical cable that connects your TV to the soundbar. Try removing the cable and put it back on.

2. What does orange light mean on Sonos products?

Solid orange light on your Sonos means it was unable to complete the setup process. Try rebooting your Sonos product by unplugging it from the power cord to set this right. Sometimes it also shows that the product is overheated.

3. How do I connect by Sonos soundbar to TV?

To connect Sonos soundbar to Tv, first, add a soundbar to your Sonos system using Sonos app>Settings> System> Room> TV> Remote Control Setup.

Before this, your Sonos soundbar should be connected to the TV via an HDMI cable or optical cable.


This was all about resetting Sonos soundbars. Similarly, you can reset the other products of Sonos as well.

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