How to Reset Your Samsung Smart TV?

From time to time, your Samsung Smart TV may become unresponsive or slow. When this happens, you may want to try resetting the TV to see if it returns to normal function. Here’s how to do a reset on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Reset Your Samsung Smart TV

If your Samsung Smart TV is giving you trouble, it may be time to try resetting the device. Resetting is a general troubleshooting step that can help resolve many issues. To reset your Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select Reset
  4. Enter your PIN (0000 is the default)
  5. Select Reset
  6. To complete the reset, select OK
  7. Your TV will restart automatically
  8. If these steps don’t match your TV, navigate to Settings, select Support, and then select Self Diagnosis

How do you do a soft reset on a Samsung Smart TV?

If you’re experiencing problems with apps on your Samsung Smart TV, you may be able to solve them by doing a soft reset. This will restart your TV without losing any of your data or settings.

There are two ways to soft reset your TV.

  • The first method is to press and hold the power button on your remote until the TV turns off and on again. This should only take about 5 seconds.
  • The second method is to go to the Settings menu, select General, and select Reset.

This will give you the option to do a full reset or a soft reset. Choose soft reset, and confirm your selection. Your TV will now restart itself. If you’re still having problems after doing a soft reset, you may need to do a full reset.

How do I reset my Samsung TV when the screen is black?

If you’re experiencing the black screen of death on your Samsung TV, don’t despair. There is a way to reset it.

  • First, unplug your TV and wait a full 60 seconds. This will allow the TV to fully power down.
  • Next, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • This will clear any stored memory and reset the TV’s electrical supply.
  • Finally, plug your Samsung TV back in and it should work properly.

Resetting your Samsung Smart TV may seem like a drastic troubleshooting measure, but it can often be effective in restoring normal function. If you’re experiencing issues with your device, give this method a try.

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