Soundbar Crackling: How Do You Stop our Soundbar From Crackling?

Does your soundbar also make a weird crackling sound when it’s powered on? Is it so annoying that you have to turn off the entire setup?

If you also experience crackling sound in your soundbar or something similar to this, troubleshooting your soundbar can help.

Soundbar crackling usually happens during a wireless connection. If nothing works, make your soundbar work with a wired connection (if possible) to avoid the unnecessary crackling sound.

Here are some of the trusted troubleshooting ways that can stop the soundbar from crackling:

Keep The Soundbar Premises Free From Interruptions

Sometimes signals coming from other devices can cause the soundbar to crackle. Try removing phones, tables, or any other electronic items from near the soundbar to avoid such interruption. 

If any of the electronic devices cannot be removed, turn it off for a while to see if the situation persists or not.

Soundbar Crackling
Soundbar Crackling: How to Fix!

Check The Connections Again

If your soundbar is connected to the TV, turn both devices off first. Now, disconnect all the cables leading to and from the device. Next, unplug the HDMI, optical, or with whatever medium both devices are connected.

Reconnect them back together and then turn on the devices. If you are lucky enough, this could stop the crackling sound coming from the soundbar due to improper wired connections.

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Adjust The Subwoofer

If you also have a subwoofer connected to the soundbar, try unplugging it from the system. Now, go to the soundbar and follow pressing and holding down Bluetooth and volume down button on the soundbar simultaneously for 5 seconds. Your soundbar will be powered off after a series of light flashes on it.

Now, plug in the subwoofer again and then power on the soundbar. This solved problems for many of the users.

Also, re-placing the subwoofer closer to the soundbar also helped in stopping the crackling sound from the soundbar.

This works especially if you have connected your soundbar with a wireless medium like Bluetooth.

Try Moving The Soundbar Somewhere Else

When nothing seems to work, the last resort before getting away with your soundbar is trying to change its position. If you have more than one TV in your house, try connecting it with any other TV placed in another room or upstairs.

Sometimes, due to poor connection or interference with cable or wifi router, the soundbar starts crackling. Changing its position will eliminate this problem holistically, and your soundbar may start working properly.

Try Different Audio Source

Is your soundbar crackling just when playing audio from the TV or other devices as well? Check this by turning your TV off and connecting your soundbar to a different audio source, like playing songs from your smartphone or USB drive. See if the problem persists.

If the crackling noise is gone when playing audio from other sources, the problem may lie in the TV connection and soundbar. Try connecting your soundbar to the TV all over again.

Replace The Wired Connections

Are the wired connections connecting your soundbar to the TV too old? If yes, maybe it’s time to replace them to avoid the crackling noise.

In the meanwhile, you can try connecting your TV to a soundbar with alternative connections like using an RCA cable (red and white cable), coaxial cable, or Bluetooth. Most of these cables are easily found at home and you can give the option a try (provided your soundbar supports these sorts of connections).


These were some of the trusted ways that can stop crackling sounds coming from the soundbar. If none of these works, you can choose to call the customer care of the respective soundbar company.

They may provide some concrete solution if the problem is common among many of their users.

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