The Best Soundbar For LG CX TV

Have you got an LG CX TV? Are you looking for an excellent soundbar that goes well with the TV? Good news! You are at the right place. Here you can browse through the details of several soundbars and decide the one suited to your TV.

 It is not that the TV speakers are not good enough. But it is time you take your TV watching experience to the next level with a good soundbar. A soundbar is a speaker that can be connected to the TV so that you hear the sound from this external device and not from the TV.

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And the best part is that the resultant sound is not anything ordinary but something beyond your imagination. It gives an impression that you are actually in the movie or the TV show that you are watching. Isn’t that cool?

Is A Soundbar Worth The Buy?

Definitely yes. First things first, it is all about the sound. One apparent reason to go for a soundbar is the increased volume levels you can get. A device specifically made keeping in mind the sound quality is sure to give you that higher volume, especially when required. This could be when the characters in the movie speak softly or when the modern shows require more than the TV speakers to absorb the experience fully.

These dedicated speakers are also known for their clear sound due to the different technologies incorporated in making them. And with the subwoofers that come with some of them, you just can’t miss the bass that lets you engross in the TV more than ever.

With manufacturers competing to make the soundbars better each day, you can be assured that most of them will give you that whole cinematic experience that was once the trademark of cinema halls. With excellent soundbars, home is the new cinema hall.

Keep These In Mind When You Go Soundbar Shopping

There are certain factors to consider while buying a soundbar for your LG TV. Listed below are some of them.


Given that it is a soundbar, you cannot compromise on the sound factor. Features like Dolby Atmos, and Dolby DTS enhance the sound quality. When a subwoofer accompanies the device, it is an added benefit because the right pairing will improve your audio experience manifold.

Connecting to the TV

Soundbars and TVs can come with a number of ports, both analog and digital. Before you make a purchase, check if the two devices are compatible in terms of connections. While both types of connections are good, careful consideration points out that it is better to go with digital like the HDMI ARC. Not only does this promise superior sound, but the connection is also easier to make.


The more channels the soundbar has, the better sound it produces. You must have come across 2-channel soundbars, 3-channel soundbars etc. The number denotes the number of speakers the device has. If the number of channels is 2, there are two speakers, one on the left and the other on the right. If the number is 3, there must be an additional one in the center. If you want to invest in better models, you can opt for the ones that support Dolby Atmos. These soundbars have more channels like 5 or 7. They may also have subwoofers and additional speakers that play with the sound to give you a theatre-like experience.

Wireless Options

Good soundbars support wireless options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is a very convenient option for modern households where the sight of messy wires is not very welcome. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi let you pair the TV and soundbar effortlessly, but you may have to check whether the connection is stable enough not to break the flow.


Do you know that a soundbar can make your home look more elegant? This will depend a lot on the model you choose. There are some classy ones available that go well with your home and also promise high-quality sound. You should also check whether the soundbar fits in the space you have allotted. Available space also decides whether you can have a subwoofer or not. Luckily, you can wall-mount your soundbar and save up space for other things you want to place near your TV.      

Best Soundbars For LG CX TV

Signa S2

Polk Signa S2 comes with a compatible soundbar and a wireless subwoofer that lets you ‘feel’ the sound. The soundbar promises a home-theatre experience that fills the room with breath-taking sound. Mind you. This will be far richer than what you can expect from your TV speakers.

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar Works with 4K and HD TVs Wireless Subwoofer Includes HDMI and Optical Cables Bluetooth Enabled

Signa S2 allows for customizing voice levels so that you get the right level to hear the sound crystal clear. This is a much-loved device for its quick setup using HDMI. In addition, it is thin enough to fit into any place you wish, whether it is beside your LG TV or on a wall, to save space.

It supports Bluetooth technology that enables streaming music from any compatible device. The movie and music modes can be set so that every dialogue delivery is clear, and you get to hear deep bass. And with the night mode, bass can be reduced with the clarity still on so that people around you are not disturbed.

Signa S2 comes with a one-year guarantee and a lot of promise to make your TV experience surreal. If you want to have just the soundbar and not the subwoofer, you can go for Sigma SOLO.


Sonos Arc can be that dream soundbar, given its cinematic sound quality. It supports Dolby Atmos, something that delivers realistic sound but at a higher cost. In addition, the sound is made just perfect for the room where the device sits using TruePlay tuning technology.

Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart Soundbar for TV, Movies, Music, Gaming, and More

The soundbar is a unique device that has eleven high-performance drivers that deliver the sound just as it is; highs, midranges, or bass. Its slim design can be easily mounted on a wall or kept near your LG TV to improve the aesthetics.

It is no surprise that Arc delivers brilliant clear sound, given the fact that it was designed by Oscar-winning sound engineers. You can try, but you will never miss a word of what you are listening to. Such is the precision of the sound produced by the soundbar.

The device can be manipulated with the Sonos app, your voice, remote, or Apple AirPlay 2. The built-in helpers, the Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are always ready to listen to your commands and take prompt action.


This soundbar from LG will be a great fit for your LG TV with its dimensional surround sound made possible by Dolby Atmos, 3.1.2 channels, and DTS:X. Working with Meridian Technology, LG has brought to life this wonderful soundbar that combines advanced hardware design and signal processing to bring home all-encompassing sound and expanded soundstage.

LG SN8YG comes with a subwoofer to give you that complete sound experience. In addition, AI technology has enabled the sound to go with the acoustics of the room. The device can even optimize your overall experience by changing the settings to match with what is being played.

Immersive viewing is what the soundbar is known for, and this instantly turns your home into a theatre all because of the Dolby vision, DTS:X, and Dolby Atmos. The Google Assistant is all yours, and it makes way for hands-free usage of the device where it works with your voice requests. The best thing is that it also supports the Bluetooth feature and enables streaming music and movies from other devices as well.

When you buy this soundbar, it gives you additional advantages. It can act as a household manager too by connecting to your LG home appliances and checking their status. Don’t you think this is perfect for an LG home? 


This soundbar is accompanied by a subwoofer, and together, they create virtual surround sound with DTS Virtual:X and 3.1 channels. The multidimensional sound experience is the benchmark of any LG soundbar, and it is no different with LG SN6Y. This would mean that you can forget the world and get immersed in the sound and listen without missing even minute details.

The plus is that this can also be connected to additional speakers for that incredible sound quality in addition to your LG TV. If you are looking for anything that is really close to the original sound, then LG SN6Y will not disappoint you, thanks to the high-resolution audio.

LG’s AI Sound Pro, with its adaptive sound control, is capable of adjusting the sound levels to the extent that it analyses what is being played and produces bass or treble accordingly. So, go for action, drama, news or whatever is your taste. The sound will go hand-in-hand with the mood.

Connecting the soundbar with your LG TV is very simple. You can choose from optical, HDMI or Bluetooth and get enveloped in the best sound atmosphere.


This soundbar is an excellent pick if you want to stick to high-resolution audio and nothing less. With 5.1.2 channels, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, you will be amazed at how the sound effects seem to fill the room. LG SN9YG works with AI Sound Pro that supports optimal sound settings with the help of adaptive sound control.

It doesn’t matter where your LG TV sits. The soundbar uses spatial awareness technology to identify the unique characteristics of the room and produce a sound that matches the environment. This means that you can savor the most natural sound you have ever heard from a soundbar.

You will just need an HDMI cable to get the soundbar connected to your LG TV. If you are more advanced, go wireless and add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the setup. Whether you go for HDMI, optical or wireless, this soundbar lets you immerse in the sound and enjoy each beat and each word to the fullest.

LG SN9YG works with Google assistant, and that makes your job easier. Just sit back and give voice commands to the soundbar, and you are going to love what follows.

LG SL5Y        

LG SL5Y is a great companion for your LG TV, not only owing to its amazing features but also the great add-on it is to your already beautiful home. You can either connect the devices via Bluetooth or use the LG Sound Sync and be ensured of a reliable connection.

The soundbar delivers virtual surround sound using DTS Virtual:X with just 2.1 channels. It is less expensive when compared to its counterparts but that doesn’t make it perform any lesser. With an audio resolution of 24-bit/96kHz, it provides audio quality way better than CDs. What more could you ask for such a price when you get quality as close as the original sound?

An interesting feature lets the device adjust the audio levels for different content being watched. This means that when you watch TV shows, movies, or sports, you will have different sound experiences and even commercials will be tolerable with automatic lowering of sound.

The highlight of this soundbar is its great look that is both modern and stylish and can bring liveliness to a boring corner. You can make the connection via Bluetooth, which even lets you stream from other devices.      

The more money you are ready to invest in a soundbar, the better features you will get. With the advancing technology, more and more innovative ideas are being integrated into the soundbars to better entertain you. One tip would be to have a proper understanding of what you expect from your soundbar. It would go without saying that being compatible with your LG TV must be your top priority.

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