ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar with Patented Hearing Technology

A Great Sound Bar

A great speaker who makes things much clearer for people who have trouble hearing or for anyone else. I really didn’t have to do much to connect my Samsung remote to my smart TV. This speaker works well and doesn’t look bad because it’s small and fits nicely in front of the TV, making it look like it’s part of the TV. There’s really no reason to buy the more expensive ZVOX speakers.

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Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

It sounds wonderful. Everything worked when I plugged it in. There’s nothing to set up or configure. The sound bar itself was also pretty easy to mount on the wall. Some of the older reviews here talk about problems with static and connection, but these newer models should have fixed those problems.
Miuscall-C Soundbar 32 Inch Sound Bar Built-in 4 Speakers and 2 Bass Tubes

Miuscall-C Soundbar 32 Inch, Sound Bar Built-in 4 Speakers and 2 Bass Tubes

Easy to set up. Unpacking the parts and plugging in the power and HDMI cable should take about 15 minutes. I use hearing aids, but the sound quality from the sound bar is good enough that I don’t need them. I have my TV on the wall, and the sound bar fits perfectly under it. When I switch from Verizon to Amazon, there’s a slight delay before the HDMI ARC starts working, but I think that’s normal for that interface. I can use the remote that came with the sound bar, the remote that came with my Verizon service, or…

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth

I wanted to improve the sound from my TV. I tried a cheaper one, but it didn’t sound much better than the TV and stopped working an hour after I hooked it up. So, I saw this Yamaha and heard that it was good. This was easy to set up, and the sound was really good, with just enough bass to stand out. I am very happy with this sound bar as a whole.

Panasonic SoundSlayer Dolby Atmos Soundbar for TV with Built-in Subwoofer

Very loud sound and a surprising amount of bass. For such a small system, it is very powerful. It fits right under the TV and looks sleek. Good for music and maybe even better for gaming, since it seems a little louder when set to the gaming setting. I like that it has different settings for different types of listening, like gaming, music, etc. The remote is handy, and the system seems to be made well overall.
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